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1. Hoist/lower the “H” flag, please! 请升起/降下“H”旗!  
2.Hoist the Chinese national flag on the fore mast, please! 请在前桅升起中国的旗 3.Hoist/lower one black ball, please! 请挂上/降下一个黑球  
4.Hoist a red light over the white one. 在白灯上面挂上一只红灯  
5.Hoist/lower the anchor ball. 升起/放下锚球
6.Switch on /off the anchor lights. 打开/关闭锚灯  
7.Please open the front window. 请开启前面的窗户  
8.Clean these windows. 把些窗户清洗干净  
9.Open/ close the starboard window/port door, please! 请打开/关上右舷窗户/左舷门

10. Bring the pilot's bag to the bridge.把领航员的包拿到驾驶室  


11. Lift up the pilot's bag from the pilot boat. 把领航员的包从领航艇上吊上来。

12.Lower the pilot ladder on the port/starboard side. 把领航梯放在左/右舷。  
13.The pilot ladder is too high. 领航梯太高了。  
14.The pilot ladder is about two meters above the water. 领航梯约在水面上两米。 15.Lower the pilot ladder a little more. 把领航梯再往下放一点。  
16.Lower/pick up the pilot ladder on starboard /port side. 放下/收上右/左舷的领航梯。  
17.Adjust the light toward the pilot ladder. 把灯照在领航梯部位。  
18.Have the heaving line ready by the pilot ladder. 在领航梯处备好撇缆。  
19.Please check the navigation lights, see if they are in good order. 检查一下航行灯是否正常。  
20.Heave the head/stern line. 绞头缆/尾缆。


21.Heave the breast line and the spring tightly. 绞紧横缆和倒缆。  
22.Stop heaving the head/stern line and the spring. 停绞头/尾缆和倒缆。  
23.Hold the head/stern line and the spring. 拉头/尾缆和倒缆。  
24.Make fast the head/stern line and the spring. 挽牢头/尾缆和倒缆。  
25.Lower one messenger rope to the mooring boat from portside. 自左舷松下一根引缆给带缆船。  
26.Lower one slip wire to the mooring boat from starboard side. 自右舷松下一根回头缆给带缆船。  
27.Walk out the port anchor chain on the water surface. 松出左锚锚链到水面。  
28.Unshackle the port anchor from the chain before three o'clock afternoon. 下午3点以前把左锚从锚链上卸下来。  
29.Heave the port/starboard head/stern line. 绞直左/右舷头尾/缆。  
30.Give a good rope to the tug boat from starboard/port side. 从右/左舷卸下一个质量好的缆绳给拖船。  
31.You must make the tug line fast on the bitts. 你一定要把拖缆牢固地挽在缆桩上。 32.Slack away the head/stern/ tug line. 松出头/尾/拖缆。  
33.Let go the head/ stern/tug line. 解头/尾/拖缆。  
34.Let go the spring /the breast line. 解到/横缆。  
35.Tell the bosun to have both anchors stand-by. 请告诉水手长准备双锚。  
36.Be ready for heaving the starboard/port anchor. 准备绞右/左锚。
37.put windlass into gear. 准备绞锚。  
38.Heave away the anchor. 起锚。
39.Slack away the starboard/port chain. 松出右/左锚链。  
40.Let go one shackle of starboard/port anchor into water. 抛右/左锚一节水。  


41.Let go one shackle of starboard/port anchor on deck. 抛右/左锚一节在甲板上。 42. Hold on the chain. 把锚链刹住。  
43.Where is the chain leading? 锚链什么方向?  
44.Up and down: leading ahead; leading after; leading to port; leading to starboard; anchor leading abeam; chain across ship's head; anchor is foul; anchor is aweigh; anchor is up; anchor is clear. 锚链垂直;锚链向前;锚链向左;锚链向右;锚链打横;锚链绕过船头;锚链绞缠;锚离底;锚出水;锚清爽。  
45.Is the chain tight? 锚链紧吗?  
46.Chain is very tight/chain is slack.锚链很紧/锚链不紧。  
47.Carpenter! Slack off the brake.木匠,松开刹车。  
48.Captain/ chief officer, anchor is dragging.船长/大副,船在走锚。  
49.The chain is broken.锚链断了。  
50.Secure the chain.把锚链刹住。  
51.Is the anchor holding?锚抓底了吗?  
52.How many shackles are out?锚链抛出了多少?  
53.Lift/lower the derricks of No.3 hatch.升起/放下3号舱的吊杆。  
54.Please swing the boom overside.请把吊杆甩到外档。  
55.The crane at hatch No.1 is out of order. Please have it repaired.1号舱的起重机坏了,请给予修理。  
56.The cargo runner at hatch No.5 is worn out, Please replace it. 5号舱的吊货钢缆已磨损,请给予更换。  
57.Please swing the derricks outboard. We want to use the shore crane.  请把吊杆甩到外档去,我们要用岸吊作业。  
58.How many tons can your ship's jumbo lift? 你船的重吊能吊几吨?  
59.My ship's jumbo can lift thirty-five tons?我船的重吊可员35吨。  
60.Take off the cover of No.2 Hatch, please!请开启2号舱盖板。  
61.Open/close the hatches, please!请开/关舱!  
62.Don't stand under the load.不要站在吊货杆下。  
63.Get out of the way! It's dangerous here. 请走开,此地危险。  
64.No smoking here. We are Loading / unloading dangerous cargo.此处严禁吸烟。我们正在装/卸危险品。  
65.Don't stand here; the hatch hasn't been covered yet .请不要站在这里,舱口还未盖上。  
66.It's going to rain , close the hatch at once. 水手长,快要下雨了,立即关舱。  
67.Foreman, it's raining. Stop discharging the cargo. 工头,下雨了,请立即停止卸货。  
68.Would you let me know the lifting capacity of your ship's crane. 你能否告诉我,你船起重机的负荷量?  
69.Excuse me, let me ask the chief officer.请见谅,让我去问问大副。  
70.Tallyman, l find some cargo has been damaged, please don't load them into the hold. 理货员,我发现有些货物已经损坏,请不要入舱。  


71.Put these torn bags on deck, they should be sewed up.理货员,把这些破包放在甲板上,他们需要缝补。  
72.The casks should be rehooped. 这些木桶应当重新加固。
73.Chief officer, I found some torn bags in Hatch No.3. 大副,我在3号舱发现一些破包。  
74.Please open Hatch No.3 and No.4 before six o'clock tomorrow morning.请在明天早晨6点以前开启3号舱和4号舱。  
75.Close all the hatches after completion of loading/discharging tonight.今晚停止装卸工作后,关闭所有的货舱。  
76.The rain has stopped. Please open Hatch No. 1and No. 2.雨停了,请开启1号舱和2号舱。
77.At two o'clock this afternoon, a floating crane will get alongside my ship's port / starboard side. Please make the rubber fender ready. 下午2点,将有一艘浮吊停靠在我轮的右/左舷,请准备好橡皮靠把。  
78.My ship's port/starboard side has a dent, it was caused by the floating crane.在我轮左/右舷有一个凹形,这是由浮吊引起的。  
79.Chief officer, my ship's port /starboard headline was broken, it was caused by the passing oil tanker.大副,我轮左/右舷的一根头缆被经过的油轮磨损而破裂。  
80.When the cargo in Hatch No.2 has been completely discharged, please clean up the hold.水手长,当2号舱的货卸完后,请把货舱打扫干净。  
81.Please go to Hatch No. 4 and No. 5 to check if anything has been moved.  请到4号舱和5号舱检查一下,看看货物有无移动。  
82.Is the deck cargo lashed up? 甲板货绑好了没有?  
83.All the deck cargo is secured. 所有的甲板货都绑扎牢固。  
84.Chief officer, the oil tanker has come, which side should get alongside? 大副,油轮已经来了,靠哪一弦?  
85.The port authority strictly prohibits dumping garbage overboard. 港口当局是严禁向外舷外倾倒垃圾的。  
86.In Hatch No.1, there is lots of rust. Please have it chipped and scraped, then give and new paint. 在1号舱里有许多铁锈,请把铁锈刮干净后重新油漆。  
87.It's gloomy and damp today. Please stop painting out doors. 今天又阴又湿,请停止室外的油漆工作。  
88.It is windy and the sea is quite rough. Shall we have a break for one day? 外面风浪很大,我们能否休息一天?  
89.Please repaint all the life buoys of our ship. 请把我轮所有的救生圈重新油漆。  
90.Lower the starboard / port gangway, secure guardrail and fix the safety net under the gangway.放下右/左舷硬梯,固定好扶手栏杆和舷梯下的安全网。  
91.Do to the open bridge and take off the compass cover.到露天驾驶台把罗盘罩取下。  
92.The fore anchor / masthead light was out of order. Please tell the electrician to repair it at once. 前锚灯/前桅灯坏了,请电工马上来修理。  
93.Captain, which side is to get alongside? Starboard / port side. 船长,哪一舷靠泊?右/左舷靠泊。  
94.We will arrive at the berth in half an hour. Please tell the crew to get prepared.  还有半个小时抵达泊位,请通知船员做好准备。  
95.Put the rat guards on all the mooring ropes.水手长,在所有的系缆绳上放置夹鼠板。  
96.The fog is quite heavy. Bosun, Please send one sailor to keep lookout at the bow. 水手长,下大雾了。